Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's Really Weighing Us Down?

It's spring! Finally. I just feel happier when the trees start blooming and everything turns green. Minus the tornadoes, storms and power outage last night, of course.

Then my thoughts, as many others' do, turn to the fact that it's almost time for shorts and bikinis. Woah! Yes, I pay attention to my diet and exercise all year long, but there's something about the thought of showing more skin that makes me (and many) think about turning it up a notch. Am I right?

Whether you've got just a little to lose or a long-term goal of dropping a lot, it's imperative to have an understanding of what makes us gain (and lose) weight anyway. And spring, a season of renewal and refreshment, is the perfect time to start! Clean out your kitchen, buy some fresh produce, start a new exercise routine or buy some spring clothes. Start fresh. That's the theme I'll be running with over the next several weeks, while incorporating tips for smart choices and a jump-start on getting fit for summer. It starts with the following infographic about calorie balance.

For due diligence: This infographic was brought to you by Coca-Cola, to who I am a consultant; however I published this post just as I do most anything else--of my own free will. It was not sponsored and I was not compensated. And thanks, Coke, for promoting wellness.