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Product Review: Chobani Greek Yogurt

Recently, Chobani shipped me some of their newest blended Greek yogurt flavors to sample. (They also sponsored a contest on my blog, in case you missed it, and my winner got six containers too! Congrats!) I was very grateful for these samples since I LOVE Greek yogurt. I eat it every day. There are many reasons, as you'll read below, that Chobani is now one of my favorite Greek yogurts (along with Trader Joe's and Fage brands). Here are my thoughts:

Blueberry Blended Chobani
All yogurts provide fantastic nutritional benefits, so most of all the taste wins it for me.

I'm very picky about the texture of yogurt. As you probably also know, it's not always the same between brands. I love the creamy, thick and smooth texture of Chobani's yogurts, both the non-fat (0%) and low-fat (2%) varieties. I also love the plentiful chunks of fruit mixed into this blended line of flavors. They don't skimp on that and it makes each bite seem homemade. Some people may not like chunks of fruit in their yogurt, but they're a must for me!

The flavor combinations are scrumptious. My favorites were peach, pineapple and black cherry. They're awesome because you can taste the real fruit flavors, just as if you had made it yourself. Forget artificial flavors. These were an absolutely delicious treat to my taste buds--an indulgent, satisfying and healthy alternative to dessert that I enjoyed nearly every single day. I was able to sample the following flavors and surprisingly the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk was the only one I didn't really care for:
  • Peach (Non-fat/0%)
  • Pineapple (Low-fat/2%)
  • Black Cherry (Non-fat/0%)
  • Vanilla Chocolate Chunk (Low-fat/2%)
  • Blueberry (Non-fat/0%)
  • Mango (Low-fat/2%)

Chobani yogurts are naturally sweetened with sugars such as evaporated cane juice and fruit juice concentrate. You won't find artificial sweeteners. That's a plus if you dislike the aftertaste of sweeteners or have an intolerance to them. It does add some carbohydrates to each serving which will need to be accounted for if you follow a carbohydrate-limited meal plan or have diabetes. The added sugars also add calories, meaning that Chobani (like other Greek yogurts) have more calories than typical yogurts. All in all, the difference is not that great--you may be sacrificing 5-10 grams of carbohydrate and 40-50 calories per 6-ounce serving. It's worth it to me!

Chobani's products are slightly on the too-sweet side for me since my preference is for foods that don't have a lot of added sweetness. I know, maybe I'm the odd-one-out. That said, they're not too sweet that I don't enjoy them thoroughly! If I could provide any constructive criticism it would be to decrease the concentration of sugar slightly, decreasing the sweetness in addition to carbohydrates and calories.

Nutrition and health
I like that Chobani yogurts are created quite simply. They are naturally sweetened (with sugars), flavored with real fruit and contain no preservatives. The milk comes from cows that are not treated with rBST (a growth hormone).

Greek yogurts are uniquely higher in protein--they contain about double the protein of non-Greek yogurts. Chobani's come in at about 13 grams per 6 ounces. For some people, it could meet 1/4 of your daily protein needs! That makes it a great post-workout snack or meatless protein source.

Chobani makes a great addition to the heart healthy diet as well, since they are naturally low in sodium. The low-fat yogurts contain 2 grams of saturated fat per serving, which can certainly fit a healthy meal plan. If you're really looking to cut the saturated fat, the non-fat varieties will suit you well!

Like other yogurts, Chobani is fortified with calcium and vitamin D. This is important since dairy products are some of the few foods available that are sources of these vital nutrients.

Chobani, also like other yogurts, contains live, active cultures (probiotics) that promote immunity and intestinal health. It's another great reason to enjoy yogurt daily.

Additionally, Chobani yogurts are gluten-free and safe for people with corn, nut and soy allergies. They are also gelatin-free, making them vegetarian-friendly. Hurray! We can all enjoy them :)

Click here to view Chobani's products and nutrition facts.

The added bonus with Chobani is that they have a complete and user-friendly website devoted to product information, recipes and recipe substitutions. (You can also find coupons so you can give it a whirl!) This is super cool since using yogurt in your recipes to substitute for fats or sugars adds some nutritional bang and helps cut the fat.

Some of the delicious sounding recipes (also featured on the back of Chobani's yogurt containers) include:

Here's the recipe substitution chart from the Chobani website:


Because of taste and nutritional quality, Chobani is a product that is well worth enjoying. I highly recommend it!

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