Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Recipe Swaps: Simple Substitutions for Healthier Recipes

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, if you're like me, you're mouth has started watering just thinking about your favorite family recipes! Even though it is okay to indulge a little on Thanksgiving, calories can really add up, so it is important to improve what you can. With the right substitutions, you can reduce the calories, fat, sodium and sugar (while pumping up the nutritional value) of your favorite recipes without sacrificing the taste you love. The bottom line is this: healthier recipes start with healthier ingredients.

In this free download, you'll find suggestions for some simple ingredient swaps. Some ingredients you can substitute completely without risking a big change in your final product, like brown rice for white rice or Greek yogurt for sour cream. But in other recipes, especially baked goods, you'll want to start by substituting a little at a time to see how it will impact your final product. For example: sugar helps baked goods rise and brown. If you try substituting mashed bananas for sugar, start with half first to see how everything turns out.

Download Recipe Swaps here for free!

Try these recipes in which some simple ingredient swaps were used. Can you tell?

Whole Wheat and Flax Pancakes

Pumpkin Walnut Bread