Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Fall Project: Finally Success!

For a little background, my project this fall is to grow a fall garden (ha--like I only have one project). I'm still a relatively new urban gardener and have only grown during the summer season until this year.

{In my previous posts, you can read about how we expanded the garden space this year, my first attempt at growing seedlings (which failed big time) and my beginning success at sowing seeds into the garden.}

I planted lettuce, spinach, radishes and kale from seed--all cold weather-withstanding plants. I got them into the garden in mid-September, which is a little late, but the temperature is still only barely dipping into the 30s here in St. Louis. About six weeks later...I finally have some edible success!

I can't explain how excited and proud I was to pull my first radish out of the ground this past weekend! I've successfully grown tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers and herbs, but for some reason this was different. Maybe because it was new. Or because I finally succeeded at something that takes such great patience. Or because it's kind of like a little surprise to pull a radish from underneath the soil when it was just a root a week ago. It always amazes me!

My spinach and lettuce are also off to a great start. I was also able to trim some baby greens for a nice salad too.

The rewards of gardening are so great. I love the awesome tasting produce that I can walk out into the backyard and pick. It's so beautiful! (And not to mention cheap.) Gardening is a great escape too. I love being out in nature picking edibles that were once just seeds. It feels good to be self-sustaining in some way, even though it's just in my little piece of this big, convenience-driven world.

I've still got some picking to do this year, but I know I'll be eagerly awaiting spring when I can do it again. I learn more every time I give it a go and I hope my journey toward successful urban gardening has inspired you too! Stick around to find out what I do with my fall harvest.

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