Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Last Minute Healthy Halloween!

If you've procrastinated and still aren't all set for Halloween this evening, you're probably not alone. I'm going to officially admit that I don't even have a costume this year! I still feel like I'm pushing through one of the busiest, most non-stop years of my life and Halloween just didn't take precedence. We don't have any kids (yet), so we'll be holding down the fort and handing out treats to our neighborhood trick-or-treaters (while I sand the wall in the bathroom from the new light fixture we just installed...). I guess I could pose as a contractor :)

Although Halloween typically revolves around candy, there are some alternative healthier (and still fun) treats that you can hand out on this sweet holiday. Check out some of these recipes through today's Around the Plate blog link-up below. You'll find recipes and ideas for healthy treats provided by other dietitians and foodies that are posting in the blogosphere.

As a dietitian, I believe any food has a place in a healthy diet in moderation. So if you choose to have your candy and eat it too, you'll also find tips for enjoying it in a healthy way. Click on the picture below.

Happy Healthy Halloween!