Monday, September 24, 2012

My Fall Project: Damage Control

I have to admit failure when it happens--and my first attempt at growing vegetable seedlings was a complete failure! It was either the fungus that killed them or lack of light; I'm not sure which. But I'm not giving up. Since I'm quickly running out of time (and it may in fact be too late already), this time I sowed the seeds directly into my garden. I cleaned it up about a week ago, removing the dead squash and cucumber plants to make space for the fall plants. My cherry tomatoes are still growing like wild and my Better Boys have more tomatoes on them now than they have all summer! [Darned heat.] So I let them be for now.

I planted seeds for kale, lettuce, spinach and radishes in the garden. Since all of these seeds should be planted at a depth of about one inch, I simply created one-inch deep rows in my garden, dropped the seeds in and covered them lightly with soil. Since these are all cool weather crops, they shouldn't be planted until high temperatures are less than 90 degrees. Again, I over-did the seeds a little out of fear they wouldn't grow and it looks like I'll be thinning them quite a bit if they continue to grow. But look!

Just one week later, here are my radishes in the haze of last night's sunset. The kale, spinach and lettuce are popping up too. So cross your fingers that this trial will be more successful. I'll have to try the seedling adventure again next spring.

I love gardening and feel both great pride and pleasure in growing my own food. I have learned, though, that with gardening you must be patient and learn a little more each time. Maybe in ten years I'll have it mastered :)

Did you plant seedlings this year? Do you have a fall garden? Any masterful advice for us beginners?