Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I got the idea for Thankful Thursdays recently from my twitter friend, @Gillian_Stephen. I thought it was a great idea that could help me remember to count my blessings and might also stimulate some great conversation on the blog.

So today will mark the beginning of Thankful Thursdays! I'll start the discussion on the last Thursday of every month either on the GoodFood blog, Facebook or Twitter--I thought this would be a nice time to reflect back on the previous month. Please join in the conversation! I look forward to finding out what everyone has to say. Make sure you follow RDbyyourside on Facebook or @RDbyyourside on Twitter. Feel free to comment on the little and the big things you're thankful for! It all counts.

It's been a very hectic, and stressful at times, month for me. Our subdivision and my Jeep were hit by a MASSIVE hail storm at the end of April and it continues to cause angst for my husband and I. In addition, the Jeep has had lots of engine trouble that keeps sending me back to the shop and is causing major snafoos in our travel plans. Through the craziness this has brought us, I try to remember daily, but especially today, that things could be much worse! I'm thankful that we are able to get this damage repaired, that we were not hurt and that we have the opporutnity to take several trips this summer to do lots of fun stuff! This week I'm also thankful for my absolutely wonderful husband. We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

What are you thankful for?