Sunday, June 17, 2012

Leading By Example

Congratulations to our Father's Day Give-Away winner: Michelle from St. Louis, Missouri. She won 15 Balance BARE Bars, a BPA-free water bottle that has a compartment for a Balance Bar and a Father's Day card (a prize valued at $27.00). Way to go, Michelle! Thanks for telling us how your dad AND brother inspire your family.

When asked how a father she knows inspires his family to be physically active, Michelle shared this health-inspirational post:

"My father loves to encourage everyone in our family to be active; and has for all of our lives. When we were younger, he practiced our favorite sports with us and took me, my brother and my sister for walks around our neighborhood. He also encouraged me to start running, which has become my favorite way to exercise. When my family hears how great I feel after going for a run, I think it influences them to get out and get active too. This fall, I challenged my brother to run a 5k on Thanksgiving with me. He had never run a race before, and we had an awesome time doing it! And then we got to tell the whole family about it at dinner that day. I think we'll have more runners in the family at the next Thanksgiving 5k!

Now my dad leads by example by making sure to take time to work physical activity into his routine every day, whether by walking or weight lifting. Having a dad that is active encourages the rest of my family to lead active lifestyles as well."

It's easier to be active when you join together as a family. It sounds like your dad's actions, Michelle, have come around full circle to help each of you influence each other to be active too. 

I encourage everyone to brainstorm ways to be active with a buddy! It's a lot more fun when you share the time together. P.S. You can follow Michelle on her blog, Better with Berries.

Happy Father's Day to my "Daddyo" and all the other Dads out there! If you have any other ideas for inspiring physical activity in your family, please share with our community by commenting below.

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