Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jordan's Got the 'Goods!'

Congratulations to our Mother's Day Give-Away winner: Jordan from St. Charles, Missouri. She won 24 nimble bars (by Balance Bar), a fashionable pouch, headband and Mother's Day card (a prize valued at $54.98). Way to go, Jordan!

When asked how she inspires her family to eat healthy, Jordan shared this health-inspirational post:

"I inspire my family to eat healthy food as part of our daily life by teaching them why we eat veggies, organic meat and drink milk. I teach them what is in the food that we eat. Each night we talk about the food that I prepared for dinner, what vitamins are in each dish and how they benefit our bodies. My daughter is 4 and she can tell me what carrots do for her body and how kale and spinach can make her strong to play with her friends outside. She claims the healthy dinner gave her the energy to run faster then all of her friends. It's the best part of the day! And she loves food; good food. Now when she is offered a cupcake or chips at lunch she turns them down, claiming there aren't enough 'goods' in them and that she will be tired. Pretty smart little girl if you ask me. She will now choose an apple over ice cream (well most of the time that is :)."

I think this is such an easy, practical way to positively encourage healthy eating at home, especially in your kiddos. I selected Jordan's response because it captured the inspiration behind the GoodFood blog. Good food tastes good and it's good for you. It's that simple.

I'm with Jordan. Give 'em the goods, girl! Talk about healthy eating daily and why it's important. Your kids (and the rest of your family) will grow up loving good food too.

Happy Mother's Day! If you have any other ideas for inspiring healthy eating at home, please share with our community by commenting below.

And don't worry--we're not leaving the Dads out! Look for the Father's Day Give-Away post in the next couple of days. Submit your entries for a chance to win 15 Balance BARE Bars in 3 flavors, a water bottle with a compartment to hold your BARE bar and a 'BARE' hug Father's Day card.