Friday, January 20, 2012

#11 of 12 Foods to Eat More of in 2012

11. Butternut squash

It's a winter squash, which means it's a little starchier than yellow squash or zucchini, but not as starchy as a potato. In fact it only contains 80 calories and 20 grams of carbohydrate per cup! Talk about a filler-upper.

On the inside, it's another one of those veggies that is deeply-colored, meaning it's packed with antioxidant vitamins. And also, you guessed it, fiber. Upwards of 5 grams per cup! Bright orange veggies, like carrots too, are know for carotenoids, which can help you retain good vision. One serving of butternut squash supplies an enormous amount of vitamin A; I'm talking over 200% the daily value, and 30% of your daily vitamin C needs. Better yet, it's really easy to prepare and many grocers sell it pre-cut, so you don't even have to do the prep work.

If you haven't tried this one yet, definitely give it a shot. Click here for more facts and a simple recipe, inspired by my mom.