Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jamie's Food Revolution catching on?

Chef Jamie Oliver
Over the last couple years, Jamie Oliver, chef from England, has brought his "food revolution" to America. If you've tuned in to his show, which airs on ABC, you've seen many doubts and criticisms come his way as he's tried to instill healthy food habits in a few of our nations' school kitchens and students. But according to this story, his revolution might just be making forward progress off camera too!

In Greeley, Colorado (P.S. Colorado is one of the least obese states in America according to the CDC), chefs and schools have started working together to bring healthy foods to the menu. They're making more meals from scratch, adding interesting spices for flavor and serving desserts only on special occasions. High-sodium, high-fat and preservative-laden convenience foods are getting kicked to the curb. By next year, the school plans to be cooking 100 PERCENT of their menu offerings from SCRATCH!

So parents and kids, raise your voice and make this a nation-wide movement! Read the New York Times story in which Chef Boomer and the Greeley school system squash the myth that healthy, truly homemade cooking costs more and has less taste (no pun intended). Fight obesity and poor health from its roots by teaching our children what good food really is. Go Greeley! Who's next?