Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good food tastes good

Welcome to Good Food Tastes Good, or GoodFood for short, a resource for food lovers and those who want to learn more about what good nutrition really is.  And right off the bat I’ll give away the secret: it’s eating good food that tastes good and is good for you. 

Here I plan to share my passion for food, flavor and health, try new recipes, share and review cookbooks and more.  I’m enthused about the discussion that will be forthcoming!  You won’t find a push for the newest fad diet or a quick-fix approach to shedding the pounds.  That’s because I am a foodie at heart: a true lover of food in all its flavors and health-improving properties.  But all foods are not so good (as in good for you) these days.  In this world of convenience, we’ve lost sight of some very important priorities—and our waist lines as well as our health are suffering because of it.  More on that later… I also love the science of food and teaching others about it, which led to my career as a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator.  You can trust that the information you find here will be sound. 

On my blog I hope that you’ll discover ways to improve your health using good food as well as the motivation to make it happen.  And of course, I hope that I can inspire you to find that good food (again, as in good for you) can taste good and be practical in your busy lifestyle.  Enjoy!