Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anyone can cook delicious salmon!

Has your doctor told you to eat more omega-3s?  Omega-3s are powerful cholesterol-lowering nutrients, but are found in few food sources.  Salmon is one of them.  Many people are reluctant to cook salmon because they think it will be difficult—but they couldn’t be more wrong.  It’s actually one of the simplest entrees you could cook on a busy weeknight!  Lucky you, it also doubles as an impressive weekend dish for date night or guests.
I’m a big proponent of plain, frozen foods for their convenience and storage sustainability.  But not in this case.  Although frozen salmon will do the job, you just can’t beat this fish when it’s fresh.  A few simple additions let the natural flavor shine through: lemon juice, capers, salt, fresh ground pepper, parsley and, of course, garlic.  Wrap it in a tinfoil “packet” and toss it in the oven or on the grill.  Serve with your favorite starch, like brown rice, whole wheat pasta, potato or cous cous, and a vegetable of your choosing.  I’m particularly fond of roasted broccoli or stir fry with this one.  Bon appétit!
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